Chven - Men Against Violence

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CHVEN - MEN Against Violence:

Presents itself as emotional, decisive movement to end violence against women. It is one of our favourite projects as it concerns  very  critical social issues of our society. Founders from different social circles including our agency representatives.

Brand philosophy:

It’s NOT only about the devastating statistics, and it’s not only women issue. It’s about US! We do NOT want to be part of such society. We do NOT want our children to be raised in it. We need change.
“Chven” - MEN’s social movement aims to prevent violence against women and to advance gender equality, through consistent communication, public awareness and inspiration.
WE believe that men need to take equal responsibility for building healthy society, where there is no place for violence and gender-based discrimination.


We chose the name “ჩვენ” (“chven”) that is translated as “WE”. Key inspiration comes from Georgian language, where WE have personal pronouns, but HE, SHE and IT in Georgian is expressed by only one gender neutral word. Besides that it represents movement and is very disruptive.

Visual identity:

Visual symbol is circle, as everything started in circle of friends. Also visual is inspired by two standard sex symbols denoting male and female, but without any kind of differentiation of gender.


Hopefully our mission will be complete and we will create environment, where there will be no place for the organization as CHVEN.