Galleria Tbilisi New Years Campaign

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Galleria Tbilisi is a recently opened shopping mall, situated in an iconic shopping place for locals. With a perfect location, in the center of Tbilisi, the mall can be easily described as the heart of the city. And, as the New Year spirit always comes from the heart, we decided to send festive impulses from Galleria Tbilisi to different parts of the city, especially, where no one expected. During ten days, every day, five random guests of Galleria Tbilisi could place their hands on sensor panel and with their heartbeat send the New Year mood to other locations. The heartbeat brought lights, songs, dances, magical creatures, rhythm, sparkles and most importantly, happiness to many.

The culmination of the campaign was a grand celebration, when all the impulses returned to Galleria Tbilisi. New Year spirit transformed into magical corners in the heart of the city, accompanied by the orchestra and festive activities…

Galleria Tbilisi New years campaign day 1Galleria Tbilisi New years campaign day 2

Bus Stop christmas

underground passageGalleria Tbilisi New years campaign day 4Ballerina in the streetElf Parade

Galleria Tbilisi New years campaign day 6Chrismas treeGalleria Tbilisi New years campaign day 7

Galleria Tbilisi New years campaign day 8Christmas ChoirChildren christmas choirGalleria Tbilisi New years campaign day 9Flashmob in a busGalleria Tbilisi New years campaign day 10Piano Concert in Street

New year spirit in Galleria Tbilisipainters in Galleria TbilisiCookie house in Galleria TbilisiPresents in Galleria TbilisiElfs in Galleria TbilisiSanta Clause in Galleria TbilisiChildren Choir in Galleria TbilisiElves


Client: Galleria Tbilisi
Executive Creative Director: Nino Gordeladze
Senior Copywriter: Irina Sakvarelidze
Copywriter: Lasha Babuadze
Art Director: Tamta Malazonia
Senior Art Director: Mari Sukhishvili 
Account Team: Tamar Tsintsadze, Inga Svanidze, Tinatin Khapava
Strategic Planner: Tsotne Mazmanishvili
Digital Planner: Sandro Javakhishvili 
Designers: Nick Monaselidze, Sergo Titenkov, Natia Kvaratskhelia
Executive Producer: Ringailė Leščinskienė
Line producer:  Devi Razmadze
Production manager: Levan Gogiberidze
Director: Nino Gordeladze
Technical Supervisor: Natia Nikoleishvili
Dop: Makho Kipshidze
Dop B unit: Alex Sujashvili
Dop C unit: Makho Gugunishvilo
Photographer: Mate Mateshvili
Drone camera: Giorgi Tsopurashvili
Drone 2nd Unit: Abo Gasparian
Art depepartament: Giorgi Maskharashvili
Live streaming: George Zautashvili, Tornike Tsikhelashvili
Post production:
Production & Post Production Manager: Natia Nikoleishvili
Editing: Makho Kipshidze
Sound editing: Paata “Godfather” Godziashvili
CG - Pasha Maisuradze