Entrecote Branding


Entrecote - Butcher shop located in Vake district, 82 Paliashvili str.
The main source of inspiration for branding served broken line, widely used in graphic illustrations 
to visually divide body parts of farm animals.  The name itself represents quality of products offered by Entrecote, as the shop provides premium cuts and 100% fresh meat. Cozy and non-provocative faded colors, completes the whole concept of the branding. 

Entrecote Logos

Entrecote Pattern

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Entrecote Typeface


Client: Entrecote
Chief Creative Director: Vato Kavtaradze
Art Director: Tamta Malazonia
Designers: Tamta Malazonia
Copywriter: Lasha Babuadze
Chief Strategist: Lado Malazonia
Account Manager: Inga Svanidze