Georgian Sun Branding


Georgian Sun - yet another new Georgian wine, boasting its roots in one of the most impressive regions of Georgian viticulture and winemaking. Our wines come from Vazisubani, Protected Denomination of Origin, which is perfectly located on the left bank of Alazani River on high elevations of Gombori Mountains, in Kakheti – the region saturated of Georgian Sun. The sun was an integral part of Georgian culture from those earliest times with its symbol – “”. We turned it into our identity, i.e. our logo. It reflects one of the seven ideologies of the ancient Georgian majuscule script. The Sun was the inspiration of our new brand conceived at our Vazisubani Estates.

Georgian Sun Wine Branding

Wine Branding by Windfors Georgian Sun

Georgian Sun

Wine Georgian Sun

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Creative Director: Bibi Asatiani
Designer: Tamta Malazonia
Copywriter and Strategic Planner: Tsotne Mazmanishvili
Chief Strategist: Lado Malazonia
Client Service Director: Tamar Tsintsadze
Account Manager: Levan Chikvaidze