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We’ve created The Cursors to encourage and cheer up school leavers and students.  There is a thick line between what these guys want and what they actually need - they desire to be entertained but also realize that receiving useful hints, information and knowledge are absolutely crucial at this point.

That’s why The Cursors playlist is so handy – the songs are impossible to skip, band members are memorable and charismatic which means that everything they sing about sticks with the listener for a while.

Once again, enjoy The Cursors – musical guide through the world of exams and knowledge in general.

Vici Album Vinyl cover

Guitar Picks Vici Cursors

Barbarisms Cursors Clip

What did Ceasar do cursors

comma is tired cursors

The Cursors Poster





Creative Director: Nino Gordeladze, Beqa Meparishvili
Copywriter: Lasha Babuadze, Natali Burduli, Naniko Vachnadze
Art Director: Mari Sukhishvili
Account Manager: Tamar Tsintsadze
Designers: Tamta Malazonia, Nino Khurtsilava, Sergo Titenkov
Production and Post-Production Manager: Mari Sukhishvili, Natia Nikoleishvili
CG: Sandro Nakashidze, Levan Khomeriki, Constantine Tvalashvili, Mirian Kokiashvili
Music: Zura Javakhia




Cat Salivan - Vocals; Drums
Margarita (Margo) - Bass; Keyboard; Backing Vocals
MC Slime - Sax; Backing Vocals