GPI Holding - Image Campaign

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Mr.Rexi is the first animatronic creature in the history of Georgian advertising. He is a mascot and spokesperson for the brand and delivers complicated insurance-related messages in a funny, memorable and simple way. He represents the best of two - a dog (loyal, friendly, honest, can predict danger) and a human - (rational, intelligent, smart, professional). As a result, we created a super competent insurance agent, trustful and reliable with a super power of predicting and preventing dangers.
Two international companies were involved in the project: Production house from Romania - Multi Media Est and Europe’s biggest screen prosthetics and special effects company - Millennium FX from United Kingdom.



Creative Director - Ema Prisca
Strategic Director - Vicente Garcia
Copywriters - Gvantsa Datuashvili, Herman Szabo
Account Manager - Tamar Tsintsadze
Senior Designer - Vano Saginashvili
Social Media Manager - Herman Szabo

Production Team

Director -Bogdan Moldoveanu (Hypno) 
DOP - Alexandru Dorobantu