#Design  #Naming

REDMED is the first Georgian healthcare web and mobile application. 


The task of the agency was to come with the naming and branding concept. 



Name - REDMED is the combination of Medicine, Remedy and color Red that is associated with pharmaceutical sector. The concept was to highlight the international standard of the application and the industry field. 



The Visual style is in line with innovative  platform of the application. The branding concept is based on the shapes of medicinal pills. The patterns recreate the oval forms. The main colors once more highlight the medical sector. 








Client: Redmed


Creative Chief: Vato Kavtaradze

Executive Creative Directors: Nino Gordeladze, Beqa Meparishvili

Creative Director: Bibi Asatiani

Senior Art Director: Mari Sukhishvili

Art Director: Teona Shelia

Senior Copywriter: Irina Sakvarelidze

Client Service Director: Tamar Tsintsadze

Account Manager: Tina Khapava

Graphic Designer: Davit Chanadiri