ZEG Festival



Tbilisi Storytelling Festival is an annual festival dedicated to the positive

power of narratives. Within the festival internationally renowned storytellers from

around the world in different industries, discuss and share their experiences with the audience.  


Task of the agency was to come up with the visual style and logotype of the festival.




Logotype - is the name of the festival ZEG, that is unique word in Georgian, meaning the day after tomorrow. Logo architecture is vibrant, solid and urban at the same time.





Within the branding concept we created colorful illustrations that depict various imaginary and real characters. The characters

are protagonists of different stories, interconnected with the red line - literally visualizing the story line and it's importance.







Client - ZEG Festival

Agency - Windfor's

Creative Chief - Vato Kavtaradze
Executive Creative Director - Nino Gordeladze, Beqa Meparishvili

Creative Director - Bibi Asatiani

Creative Concept: Irina Sakvarelidze

Art Director: Teona Shelia

Strategic Planner: Tsotne Mazmanishvili

Client Service Director - Tamar Tsintsadze  

Junior Account Manager: Tinatin Khapava


Head of Design/Illustrator: Natia Kvaratskhelia  


Graphic Designers: Meko Chikadze, Masho Nartkoshvili