Ninveli Fund

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We wanted to find soft, positive, short and meaningful name. In old Georgian, Ninveli means a teenager - the age, when homeless children are faced to real life difficulties. By choosing this name, we also used an opportunity to revive old Georgian word, lost from modern dictionary.

Brand Idea

Ninveli is a charity fund, which aims to help homeless children and prepare them for life. Generally, children live in shelters only before they turn 18. Main objective of Ninveli founders is to give to this kids education and possibility to work and take care of themselves, when they are adults and left without home. For the visual style, we took an inspiration from “ Le Petit Prince”


Creative Director - Vato Kavtaradze
Copywriter - Tsotne Mazmanishvili
Art Director - Irina Sakvarelidze
Strategic Planner - Lado Malazonia
Account Manager - Tamar Tsintsadze
Senior Graphic Designer - Ruslan Beridze
​Graphic Designer - Zakharia