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Treepex Device

An environmental disaster is knocking on our doors.
Everyone knows it but not everyone cares. A “greenovative” online platform Treepex,
that was planting trees throughout the world while working on these sensitive issues,
realized the need to go a non-traditional way.
For three months, we’ve been carefully planning and crafting a campaign
that basically included 3 main phases.

Phase one:
We needed something big and provocative.
So, our team created a full-scale mockup of an innovative Treepex gadget,
a simulated device and its accessories including cartridges based on tree DNA,
wireless charger and mobile APP and even more.

Phase two:
It quickly started to gain attention from all around the world.
People were arguing whether this gadget was real or fake.

Phase three:
Finally, as the campaign reached its peak,
we knew it was the right time to tell the harsh truth by releasing a revealing video.
We strongly believe it was not just a buzz that we’ve created,
but we gave people something to think about and even pushed them
just a bit to change their behavior and motivated them to take action.


Client: Treepex
Executive Creative Director: Beqa Meparishvili
Creative Director: Bibi Asatiani
Art Director: Tamta Malazonia
Designers: Tamta Malazonia, Nika Monaselidze, Nino Khurtsilava, Sergio Titenkov
Copywriter: Lasha Babuadze
Chief Strategist: Lado Malazonia
Digital Planner: Sandro Javakhishvili
Social Media Manager: Levan Sirbiladze 
Client Service Director: Tamar Tsintsadze 
Account Manager: Inga Svanidze 
UX Designer: Zura Chavchanidze
Producer: Tami Morchiladze
Production and Post-Production Manager: Natia Nikoleishvili
Director: Tami Morchiladze, Beqa Meparishvili
DOP: Luka Nakashidze
Art Department: Tekla Berdzenishvili
Costume Designer: Tekla Berdzenishvili
Make-Up Artist: Eka Chikhladze
Editor: Goga Tsikolia
CG: Sandro Nakashidze
Sound Design: Paata “Godfather” Godziashvili, Irakli Putkaradze
Color Grading: Goga Tsikolia
3D Animation: Nika Maisuradze 
App Developers: Kote Tvalashvili, Levan Khomeriki
Influencer Marketing Agency: Influence Georgia