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Lightbulb Comic

How do we act in the modern environmental crisis so that we can prevent further damaging our planet?
And more importantly, how do we teach our children to be more aware and act in order to
keep the planet healthy and safe?

Every kid loves comics – the characters, the amazing world, the clever storytelling…
In partnership with the EU, we decided to create a unique comic book, which would be a source of
enjoyment and excitement for kids as well as a useful tool full of tips and tricks about energy efficiency.
The comic book focuses on increasing the knowledge of the young generation on issues like
energy efficiency and energy-saving measures, as well as the damage inflicted on
the environment and nature by wasting energy.
Simple steps to save energy and reduce damage to the environment are presented in an engaging
the way in this story in order to build good habits in children regarding environmentalism. 

The story of four friends and their pet hamster takes the reader into a world where the only villain is ignorance and mistrust.
Our main heroes manage not only to solve their obstacles but change the world for the better through the simple act of spreading awareness and kindness.

Client: EU4Energy
Agency: Windfor’s

Creative Chairman: Vato Kavtaradze
Creative Directors: Nino Gordeladze, Beqa Meparishvili
Executive Creative Director: Nino Gordeladze
Creative Group Head: Mari Sukhishvili
Art Director: Sali Nikolaishvili
Copywriters: Sophie Ivanishvili, David (Buskoncha) Kiladze

Senior Illustrator: Dato Msakhuradze
Head of Design Department: Natia Kvaratskhelia
Cover Artist: Dato Msakhuradze
Penciler: Dato Msakhuradze
Inkers: Natia Kvaratskhelia, Dato Msakhuradze
Colorists: Lika Labadze, Sali Nikolaishvili,
Natia Kvaratskhelia, Dato Msakhuradze
Layout Designer: Meko Tchikadze
Character Design: Dato Msakhuradze

Client Service Director: Ana Dondua
Senior Account Manager: Mariam Gogodze