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Frixx Branding

Brand Platform:

Frixx is a world-class brand of packaged potato chips,
created by combination of foreign expertise and locally grown raw materials.


We created a resonant name, which gives us an idea of brand character and the target audience –
 modern, joyful, free-spirited youngsters and ones who love to have fun with friends.
The name is a combination of 3 words: Free + Fries + Freaks

Visual Identity:

In order to underline the origin of the brand, we put Caucasus mountains as the main object of the logo,
together with the brand name and tagline Caucasus Chips (later changed to Caucasus Snacks).
The main colors are brown and orange, which is the most organic color for chips category.
As additional colors, we chose red and green, for use in print materials and packaging.


As for the packaging, we created 4 different designs for 4 different flavors.
Final outcome is the result of numerous focus groups and shelf-impression tests.

After crafting branding and packaging design for four different flavors,
we started working on a communication platform.
We came up with a creative concept – For those who play – which later also became the brand tagline.
As people usually eat chips with friends, in a relaxed atmosphere,
at leisure, and the main target audience is youngsters,
we decided to connect the brand narrative with playing and games.
At the same time, we tried to bring back most of our childhood offline games,
which nowadays are replaced and forgotten because of smartphones and the internet.
We kicked off the campaign by introducing a web portal www.frixxfun.ge
which is the first database of offline games.

Executive Creative Director: Vato Kavtaradze
Creative Director: Bibi Asatiani
Copywriters: Hermann Szabo , Beqa Meparishvili , Nino Gordeladze, Achi Tsenteradze
Account Manager: Tamar Tsintsadze
Designers: Zakharia Metreveli , Tamta Malazonia
Junior Art Director – Matasi Sulakauri
Illustrator: Ivane Kipshidze
Strategic Planner: Lado Malazonia
Production & Post Production Manager: Natia Nikoleishvili

Executive Producer: Ringaile Lescinskiene
Producer: Avtandil Gasviani
Director: Kiril Novikov

DOP: Mikhail Kvirikadze
1st AD: Ringaile Lescinskiene
Producer’s Assistant: Zuka Garibashvili
Production Designers: Tea Telia, Maka Shevardnadze
Costume Designer: Natia Intskirveli
Make-Up Artist: Madona Tchanturia
Location Manager: Sali Iashvili
Casting: Misha Apkhazava; Eka Andronikashvili, Hermann Szabo
Editor: Goga Tsikolia
CG: Sandro Nakashidze
Sound Design: Gvaji
Voiceover: Nikoloz Tserediani
Color Grading: David Koubik; Marek Fric – UPP Universal Production Partners (Prague)
Web Development: Windfor’s Communication