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Dgis Products

The rebranding of “Chveni Fermeri” (Our Farmer) a dairy product line of Nikora, one of the prominent
local food producers and supermarket chains in Georgia were inspired by the simple fact –
people tend to consume these products on a daily basis.
That’s why we named the brand “DGIS” (in translation from Georgian – “daily”).
The packaging of DGIS Products also reflects the idea of daily consumption,
reminding a newspaper and telling a different and amusing story concerning
a particular product (cheese, sour cream, yogurt etc.).
Within the launch campaign, we also created a real newspaper instead of a typical flyer
and made the regular buying process a little bit more interesting.  


Creative Chairman: Vato Kavtaradze
Creative Director: Bibi Asatiani
Executive Creative Directors: Nino Gordeladze, Beqa Meparishvili
Copywriters: Irina Sakvarelidze, Tsotne Mazmanishvili, Constantine Makharadze
Art Director: Matassi Sulakauri, Mari Sukhishvili
Account Team: Inga Svanidze, Tamar Tsintsadze
Designers: Ruslan Beridze, Zakharia Metreveli, Natia Kvaratskhelia
Chief Strategist: Lado Malazonia
Research Analyst: Giorgi Sabadze
Newspaper Editors:
Matassi Sulakauri, Eka Zaitseva, Iko Sakvarelidze, Constantine Makharadze, Natali Burduli
Newspaper Designer: Natia Kvaratskhelia
Corrector: Lela Ochiauri