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Museum Hotel

Every city has its landmarks.
They draw attention of tourists, make proud local citizens and become an inseparable part of any sightseeing tour.
Normally, landmarks are places connected to history, art and culture.
Hotel Museum is a new landmark. Therefore, as a brand it should communicate through
a distinctive style and become a symbol of modern Tbilisi.
Hotel Museum conveys the spirit of what may be considered as Georgian art.
Its conceptual style creates cozy and comfortable atmosphere to enjoy
what is “displayed” within its premises. As every decent museum,
it is a perfect place to embrace local culture, history and in addition,
famous Georgian hospitality. The brand speaks with simplxae,
understandable language, yet it transmits unique and exclusive sense of style.
Its visual identity embodies modern, minimalist perception of life and transmits
smooth elegance of the brand. 

Brand concept:

Brand represents great mix of international experience and local cultural heritage,
that’s why we say it is as Georgian as European.
We created positioning of boutique hotel chain, that rebuilds and gives new life to historical buildings
of Georgia. It is place where guests can feel themselves different everyday,
as every corner and item has it’s own story. It makes Museum Hotel one of the best places where visitors
can fully feel Georgia and it’s great culture, that’s why we created naming that transmits
brand promise easily.


Account Managers — Dimitri Vachnadze, Vaska Chubinidze.
Strategy — Lado Malazonia.
Naming – Matassi Sulakauri
Creative Concept — Zakharia Mesropov.
Georgian Type Designer – Aleksander Sukiasov
Art Direction & Graphic Design — Zakharia & Ruslan Beridze.